At Costrini Sleep Services, we meet face-to-face with patients to discuss the Home Sleep Test. During the office visit, a licensed Respiratory Therapist/Sleep Technologist fits the device that will be used in the home on the patient to make sure the sensors are working and to be certain the patient knows how to use the device.  We have found that this approach works well in reducing the need for repeated sleep studies.  

​Costrini Sleep Services performs insurance vertification and pre-certification prior to the patient being seen so all information on coverage is known and discussed before testing begins.  

​After we receive the device back from the patient, the study is scored by a licensed Respiratory Therapist or credentialed Sleep Technologist and interpreted by a Board Certified physician in Sleep Disorders Medicine.  In most cases, results are received within 48 hours from the time the patient returns the HST device.  

For more information, phone Costrini Sleep Services at 912/927-6680.

​Good Sleep, Good Li​fe 

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Costrini HST (Home Sleep Testing) is a program owned and operated by Anthony M. Costrini, MD, that can be utilized to diagnose patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the comfort and privacy of their home.  Most insurance companies are moving towards preferring sleep tests be performed at home rather than in sleep labs that require an overnight stay.  

​We offer both in-lab overnight and home sleep studies. Costrini Sleep Services offers comprehensive care for sleep disorders, including diagnosis, treatment, medical management, as well as follow-up and adherence to treatment plans.  As part of our comprehensive care, we've been performing home sleep testing since 2008.  
Adult and Pediatric Sleep Disorders  *  Sleep Apnea  *  Insomnia  *  Narcolepsy  *  Excessive Sleepiness Disorders  *  Circadian Disorders

Costrini Home Sleep Testing Program

Home Sleep Testing is a reliable, fast, affordable, and easy solution for diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea